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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

4 Tips To Be More Productive at Work By Muyiwa

Guys, i just got this one from a fellow blogger and felt you could use one or two things from here.... 

Read below...

Have you ever had that feeling of dissatisfaction with your output at the end of a working day,feeling like you didn't do your best?

Staying productive at all levels,at work could be challenging at times-especially in you live in Lagos, and you have to grapple with the non-ending traffic,unruly commercial bus drivers, Agberos wahala, Latsma's trouble and several others productivity reducing elements. However, like most things in life,it can be improved upon and sustained

Here are 4 tips to be more productive at work

1. Have Goals

It's in the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting It is important that you have a daily target and goal.This enables you channel your energy towards achieving that very goal. By having a goal, you put yourself on the path of productivity every given day. Set a Goal,today!

2. Create a Schedule

It is important that you: create your schedule ranging your tasks from the most important to the least important-every day.Taking some time to look at the most important tasks and doing them first, will drastically improve your productivity. At the end of each day you will realize your productivity has increased tremendously by the simple art of arranging your tasks in order of priority

3. See Through

This is a necessary skill you must have if you want to improve on your productivity while at work. It is one thing to set goals for the day, another thing to schedule those goals, but most importantly seeing through these plans of yours, will to a large extent determine how productive you will be any given day.Or what is the use of a plan that isn't executed properly? Or a project not completed? Of what use? See through things starting today. You can develop this by seeing through this post...Finish reading it.*Winks*

4. Take A Breather

Well,in Nigeria, as is most countries, the only seemingly socially acceptable addiction is workaholism. You should however know that working hard and long hour -like a train navigating its way from Abuja to Osun state- without taking breaks,vacations, will in the long run affect your physical and mental well-being and ultimately-you guessed right-your productivity

So why not take a break,my friend! Take ten! Take some time off each day to relax, have a cup of tea,listen to classical jazz,hip-hop or R n B- whatever rocks your boat.Make sure you have Work-life balance Don't fall into the trap of believing that by working harder and harder, you will be more productive. Sometimes, all it takes is to work smarter! A word is enough for the wise

What ways have you been using to be more productive recently? Could you share it with us?


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